What Am I Looking For?

So what am I looking for, exactly? That is a great question!

Well, to be honest – I am looking to try new things. Or get better at the same things. I believe the key in life is to be a better version of yourself, daily, in any opportunity you embrace.

I have my own goals that include publishing my first book and one day I’d like to do more public speaking. I think I have some pretty good messages and stories to share with a lot of folks. I’d like to help and inspire others as best I can.  I think it’s important that we all have personal goals to work towards.

There are many roads to travel, and all sorts of ways to better craft your skills. Along the way, I have a few things on my wish list when it comes to choosing a path.

  • I want to work WITH you not for you. I’m looking for team players, people with good values, and have a respect for their fellow human beings. Nobody gets anywhere in life without the assistance of others.
  • Work/life balance. Work hard, play hard. Life is about living, not just working. Also, I can’t understate how important movement is for the body and mind (I learned this in construction). Sedentary = stifling. A good balance is key. Health = wealth. I’m looking to work alongside those that appreciate both mental and physical challenge.
  • Like minded, passionate individuals who believe in both internal and external positive development.
  • Fair compensation. As much as I love to help out as much as I can, a person still needs to pay the bills.
  • Giving back/Social Responsibility. Because leaving something better than when you found it just makes sense.
  • General goodness. Let’s be honest, no one likes working with mean people.

So… having said that… maybe we are looking for each other! Let’s chat!


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