Looking for a background check? Here’s a few folks that (I hope) have nice things to say about me. I would rather not display contact information publicly, however, I am happy to provide contact info upon request.

Bob Crowe & Wally Start

croweandstartI was a little nervous when I began working for Bob and Wally. Not because they are nice- looking, super-suave gentlemen, but because they are creative geniuses. Bob and Wally are veteran film and television producers and are partners in Angel Entertainment and Bamboo Shoots. Not only are they fantastic as leaders but as human beings, they also know how to challenge you. Bob and Wally demand nothing short of creative excellence, resulting in your best work coming to the surface.

Carey Tufts

CareyCarey was the CMO during my time with Point2. I reported to him directly. Not only that, he served as a Senior Marketing Manager for Amazon in Seattle for a while. He is currently a Senior Marketing Director at Federated Co-op. Likely the coolest boss I’ve ever had (sorry Bob and Wally). This had absolutely nothing to do with the beer fridge.


Linda Praftke

LindaLinda was my business coach with the Women’s Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan and I still look to her as a mentor. Truthfully, when I first met her, I was intimidated. Linda means business. Linda repeatedly pushed me to exceed my own expectations, and had no time to put up with any ifs, ands, or buts. She is a leading business coaches  and entrepreneurial drill-sergeant. She is also the President of BMG Business Management Group.

Allan Wolinski

AllanFellow Crossfitter, avid sailor, friend and former boss. In fact, he was the first-ever to interview me after college. His IQ is at least 1000 which is probably close to his bench press (we train at the same gym, as well).  Allan is one of the smartest, toughest, most business savvy human beings I’ve ever met. Allan is the VP of Operations at Saskatoon’s elite and fastest growing technology firm, Vendasta.

Anthony Farrauto

Anthony2Music man extraordinaire… Anthony and I go all the way back to the days of record labels and compact discs. I thought that I had the opportunity to work with some cool people – but Anthony puts me to shame! He still works in the entertainment business as Promotions Representative (Western Canada) for Sony Music Entertainment Canada and can often be seen rubbing shoulders with celebrities.


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