Who Am I?

My name is Tanis.

I am a storyteller by nature.

I’m looking for a change. A challenge. A chance to expand and enhance my life experience.

It would be easy to ramble off my professional experience over the years. I believe that the characteristics and abilities of a person are shaped by more than just  bullet points of your last four 9-5 jobs on a resume.  I’d like to tell you a little about myself.  Maybe, we might be a good match for each other.

(Caveat: If you’re looking to work with a drone with no personality or no humour, feel free to stop reading here.)

My experience in communications began at an early age. I learned to read and write shortly after taking my first steps. My Mother labelled the entire house and would have me sound, spell, and write anything I touched. By Kindergarten, my favourite pastimes were reading Nancy Drew novels and writing short stories to read to my classmates for show-and-tell. I also loved being outdoors, getting dirty… and sporting some terrible haircuts.

(Caveat #2: I am a lover of words, does NOT mean that I don’t make spelling mistakes once in a while.)


Throughout high school, I held a part time job in retail and worked in a coffee shop. Both required a great deal of customer service and patience.

Growing up, University was not in my budget. I had to climb the proverbial ladder without the fancy degree. I did my very best with what I had available to me and I did go to Business College for Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

In College, I spent six months writing a business plan and received the highest mark in the class – 98%.  I even received bonus marks for having a professional radio ad produced, which was not a requirement. When I am focused on a project, I like to go above and beyond expectations. 

Shortly after College, I landed a position in a small Travel Agency that catered to a large number of Outfitting Camps throughout Canada.

Ironic, because I had never been on an airplane or traveled outside my Province. Nevertheless, I quickly learned  the details of the travel business as well as industry standard software on the job – something that is typically taught in a college course.

I am not afraid to learn new things.


After a few years and meeting a ton of travelers, the office closed its doors… but I did get to accompany a bunch of my clients from Kentucky to a fly-in fishing camp which was one of the best holidays of my life.

Shortly after, I took an entry level position at a local technology company, Point2 Technologies.

The ironic part about this? While I had a college education in Marketing, I didn’t know a thing about technology. I don’t think I could type more than twenty words per minute at the time. It was a fast-paced, deadline-driven, high-tech company specializing in Real Estate software. Never mind computers, I didn’t know anything about Real Estate, either. I was terrified. I was a pretty shy person and coming from a very small office setting, I had to get used to working in a large scale company overflowing with insanely intelligent people.

After two years and not having the tiniest morsel of tech experience, I became one of the most advanced in my department.

Since the day, I had my eyes on other things. My creative bones were getting the best of me and the Marketing Team always seemed to be conjuring up cool ideas. I didn’t have the required University Degree, so I had to dig in my heels the old fashioned way – bribery by keeping the beer fridge stocked. I’m kidding. But, I did volunteer any free time away from my duties to learn the ropes of the mystical ‘third floor’ marketing department.  Not long after, I was promoted to the Marketing/Creative Department. (That’s me, third from the right.)

minipals_small (1)

Marketing, content development, strategic planning, brainstorming, branding, launching new products. I had all kinds of goodies on my plate. We had a good time.

After a change in ownership, the company’s direction also changed and local operations were downsized and outsourced. I always look back on my time with P2 with great memories and still maintain solid friendships. It was a blast!

Not long after, the heavens parted and I received a Government grant for Screen Based Media Production. I found myself working with a brilliant team of Film Industry veterans and creative folks at Angel Entertainment and Bamboo Shoots.

angel1Here, I was the Development Coordinator for Feature Film and Factual/Scripted Television Productions. My main purpose was assisting two fantastic producers with all the fun things that go into turning an idea into a moving picture on the big screen. We brought ideas to fruition, from concept to completion. I spent a lot of time brainstorming ideas in creative meetings and scheduling meetings with industry contacts throughout the country. I assisted in funding applications and the writing of treatments, synopses and loglines.


Although my time here was short lived, it was by far one of the most inspiring and rewarding places I have been a part of. The people and the atmosphere are second-to-none. Even though it was a near dream job – the whispers of my soul were telling me that I had to take a jump – and see what I could accomplish on my own. I still do get the luxury of crashing in on the office parties – so really, I get the best of both worlds.

paintingI moved on to dabble in the trades, which found me working situations often dominated with testosterone. It taught me that I could, in fact, thrive in situations that were outside my previously established box of comfort – a personal lesson that I find to be invaluable. I also loved the ability to be physically active. I was able to gain a new appreciation for those that spend long days enduring hard labour while battling the weather elements. I had a blast coming home caked in paint (really, I did!). When my contract ended and I had proven to myself that I could do it, I decided it was time to get back to something which is more aligned with my natural skills and talents. Which brings me here, eagerly awaiting that role that just ‘fits’.



Not all of my experience is limited to Mon – Fri, 8:00 – 5:00. That’s pretty small window to gain knowledge from.

I thrive on creativity. Some might say I have my head in a bubble. Which is sometimes a little more than accurate.


This might be one of the things that lead me to working in the Music and Entertainment Industry for a number of years (and partial insanity according to my Father).

That, and I also love the guitar. (I am still learning! It’s a process…)


Here is some rare footage of the first time I ever played on a stage (bad haircuts seem to be a trend with me…).

cmw_mediaHowever, because I know where my strengths and weaknesses are, I felt I was quite a bit better at networking and building relationships – so I decided take my fingers off the strings and try my hands on the business side of music. I had a pretty good network established and enjoyed helping other musicians (significantly more talented than me) get their music heard. It wasn’t very likely I was going to become a rock star like I once thought, but at the very least I could help others.

Before I knew it, I had gone from selling t-shirts at concerts, to managing local bands, setting up showcases with the major labels, helping artists market themselves, and coordinating all sorts of fun stuff.

I booked and promoted my own shows, CD Release Parties, and coordinated everything right down from venue securing, sponsorship, security, to ticket sales and organizing entertainment.

I remember one of the first shows I ever hosted (on a budget of about 50 bucks!). I was 22 years old and not a lot of people took me seriously. I was told I would never be able to fill the venue because I was using ‘local artists’. My entrepreneurial spirit took over and you can see just how many music lovers showed up in this video, right here! (Sorry about the quality – keep in mind – small budget!)

As I built my network, I started taking on more projects. I’ve been to a lot of trade shows, showcases, and I was a media affiliate for a European music company. I’ve also interviewed several Keynote Speakers at things like Canadian Music Week in Toronto and South By Southwest in Austin, Texas. I’ve been truly fortunate to mingle with some of the best in the industry.

Doing all this helped me to gain experience in Public Relations and Networking, as well as Event Planning and Budgeting.

A part of me will always have a passion for music. With a changing landscape, it isn’t always the most lucrative of industries. I wanted to get back to enjoying music on my own time rather than stress about it for a paycheck. However, my love of networking allowed me to meet some amazing people from all over the entertainment industry… I am a firm believer that the relationships you build are the most valuable assets in life.


Hmm… maybe not the best example for some… but, these guys put on a remarkable show, sell out everywhere and are pretty solid business folks and humans… nothing but respect!

But, Strombo! Everyone loves Strombo!


And wayyy back in the day…


But wait, there’s more…

bizplanFor about a year and a half I worked with the Women’s Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan and the Canadian Youth Business Foundation in writing my own business plan. It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever created. I spent a number of months practicing my pitching and presenting, and I even competed in the Progress 2 Capital Business Planning Competition and landed in the Top Ten out of several of applicants across the province.

I did this outside of working a full time job – which taught me the art of time management.

After some serious health concerns with a family member, I realized the type of business it was – wasn’t for me. Life was too short to take on something I wasn’t fully passionate about. However, I did gain some incredibly valuable experience from the process. Planning, researching, writing, number crunching…

Although, this is how I feel about numbers (some days)…


Like most, I’ve always had a fear of public speaking… which is exactly I do it. They say the real learning happens outside your comfort zone and it is true. I enjoy emceeing weddings and giving presentations… so far, no one has fallen asleep or left the room, so I would consider myself to be engaging.


I also have a soft spot for philanthropic and humanitarian initiatives and I enjoy things that make our world a better place. Giving back is one of the greatest things.

That, too, has allowed me to meet some pretty fantastically inspiring folks that give back quite a bit…



I also enjoy a few other things that help me to expand my mind…

Like traveling…

Cologne_Austin_small download download (1)

I also LOVE photography… there’s something about figuring out how to frame an image and creating a story along with it. Sharing beauty that is often bypassed in daily life brings me great joy…

Autumn Sask River.jpg Autumn Sask River 3.jpg fullsizerender-21

My photos can often be found shared by Tourism Sask…

tourism photo.jpg

I love exploring so much that I even applied to be the ‘Saskatchewanderer’ in 2016. Although I did not get the position – I did put together this video.

Several days a week I enjoy CrossFit training….








Yes, I drank that ‘kool-aid’, but I love the mental and physical challenge. For me, it’s a daily reminder that you have an inner source of strength to accomplish things you never thought possible of yourself.

Local publications agree I’m a pretty strong woman…


I love animals and nature… none of us would be here without other living things.


So, as you can see – I can pretty much transform into a number of different things…


Ugh… That was lame… but you get my point.

I don’t believe that life shouldn’t be taken so seriously all the time. We are here for a short time and life is meant to be enjoyed. I believe the key to a healthy, happy life is to find a good balance. There are times to be a little more serious and times to have fun. Everyone has an inner child…


And not to mention, I’m a genuinely good person. I know this because only good people get to wear Keith’s Glasses. Really. As you can see – they are a pretty big deal around these parts (no pun intended).


Above all, I think it’s pretty important to leave messages of inspiration and lasting impressions wherever your travels take you...


So after all this, hopefully you’re still awake? If you think we might be a good fit…

Contact me today!

(Also, THANK YOU for reading 🙂 )

Much love,




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  1. Fantastic alternative to the traditional CV, Tanis! Best of luck as you embark upon your next exciting chapter. 🙂

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